• Employment Type:Full Time
  • Monthly Salary:Unspecified
  • Minimum Work Experience:1-2 Years
  • Minimum Education Level:High-School / Secondary
  • Listed By:Employer
  • Company Size:51-200 Employees
  • Career Level:Junior


A. Responsibilities for Dispatcher / Document Controller:

  1.  Manage all pickup and delivery requests and assign relevant courier and routes
  2.  Prepare, control and monitor the process of courier morning dispatch to ensure all couriers on their routes
  3. as scheduled to meet the delivery and collection service commitment.
  4.  Recheck the sorting of his team’s shipments
  5.  Scan all shipments out for delivery according to their delivery routes, prepare and print Run sheet.
  6.  Check that couriers are carrying their HH scanner in the ‘Scanner holster’ and are working well.
  7.  Fill the daily courier’s checklist to ensure that courier appearance is complying with company standards;  adequate supplies are available in vehicle.
  8.  Hand all shipments, corresponding Run Sheet and scanner to the couriers in his team.
  9.  Ensure couriers leave station on time.
  10.  Manage the end of day reconciliation process with his team of couriers, in order to take necessary action to the 
  11.  Non-delivered shipments and missed collections due to unjustified related reasons.
  12.  Physically check the return shipment and take necessary action to attempt delivery again if possible.
  13.  Solve all address related problems faced in due course.
  14.  Report incidents, problems and general performance issues to operations supervisor.
  15.  Provide feedback on the route and load distribution to help operation supervisor and operation manager for updating routes on the system.
  16.  Report competition activities to concerned team in order to help bench marking company service with other companies in service industry


1. Managing freight/cargo/courier operations effectively and efficiently,
2. Excellent geographical knowledge.
3. Proficiency in MS Office Suite.
4. Good knowledge of courier, logistics and customs procedures.
4. Focus on Client Service.
5. Excellent Communication Skills.
6. Organizational Skills,
7. Meeting deadlines.
8. Diplomacy and Tact’s.

Note: Self Visa holders will be given preference.

B. Responsibilities of Messenger / Postman:

1. Ensures that you are at your station and ready to work for the start of your shift
2. Ensures personal appearance adheres to the uniform and grooming standards.
3. All data management functions (signature capture, status update, etc) involving a handheld device or a computer   must be performed in a diligent and timely manner to ensure that package handling records are accurate and   complete
4. Company assets such as computing devices and material handling equipment must be used in a manner that   minimizes damage and wear.
5. Tasks must be organised so that packages are delivered or picked up on time. If you believe an assigned package   may be late, you must contact your dispatcher or supervisor to explore alternative delivery options.
6. Assists with the sorting and organizing of packages into their proper bunks during bulk in-bound processing.
7. Perform all work in a safe manner. If a task seems dangerous (a package seems too heavy for one person etc)   report the situation to your dispatcher or supervisor and await further instructions.
8. Communicate any conflict with fellow employees to your supervisor immediately
9. To behave in a polite and positive manner throughout the course of the work day. This includes all interactions   with building staff, tenants, and general public, outside vendors or visitors. Swearing, foul language and   questionable subject matter to be avoided in conversation at all times.
10. Strictly adheres to the company’s and client’s work place standard operating procedures at all times.

1. Freight/cargo/courier operations awareness.
2. Good geographical knowledge.
3. Good knowledge of courier, logistics and customs procedures.
4.Focus on Client Service.
5. Excellent Communication Skills.
6. Organizational Skills.
7. Meeting deadlines.

Note: Self Visa holders will be given preference.

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