A local boat building company is looking for an experienced naval architect with the following prerequisites.

Naval Architect Job Detail:

The client should be able to design concept based on the data and requirement provided to the client.

Design of concepts that include proposal.
Design, research, construct, maintain and repair IPS ships and other marine vessels and installations.
Must be familiar with engineering phase, compliance with regulations, approval of drawings, review of calculations, evaluation and approval of subcontractors, evaluation of supply contract and selection of equipment.
۔ Must be familiar with project management.
Design and maintenance of working ships such as rescue boats, ferries, yachts, warships, and merchant ships, including passenger liner, cargo ship and tanker. Responsible for the design and construction of offshore drilling platforms and other marine installations.
Obtain information about shipboard machinery, piping system and pollution system.
MS MS Office, hands-on experience and knowledge of using Auto CAD software systems.
Perform basic naval architecture calculations.

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