• Employment Type:Full Time
  • Monthly Salary:Unspecified
  • Job Role:Export Coordinator
  • Minimum Work Experience:2-5 Years
  • Minimum Education Level:Bachelors Degree
  • Listed By:Employer
  • Company Size:201-500 Employees
  • Career Level:Mid-level


  2. Collaborate with Sales, Operations, and Customer Service teams and recommend
    best business partners.
  3. Negotiate contracts and rates with shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs house
    brokers, warehouse managers and related third-party logical service providers.
  4. Must ensure that appropriate import and export compliance procedures are
    followed by employees and contracted service providers.
  5. Must execute industry standard policies related to quality, safety, and process
  6. Should be familiar with Dubai Customs and ensure that designated freight
    forwarders and customs house brokers follow established processes and procedures.
  7. Select transportation routes to maximize economy by combining shipments or
    consolidating warehousing and distribution.
  8. Assess appropriate material handling equipment needs and staffing levels to load,
    unload, move, or store materials.
  9. Works with freight forwards and transportation companies to set best route and rate
    (reviews and approves all freight terms and agreements).
  10. Collaborates with procurement department to determine best practice for freight in
    and freight consolidation.
  11. Apply and arrange COO, Health Certificate, Phyto Certificate, Bar code registration,
    other custom related documents and Dubai Municipality required documents.
  12. Transportation of goods to docks and arrangement of warehousing at port.
  13. Booking of shipping space or air freighting and advice on relative cost of sending
    goods by sea and air.
  14. Equipped with information on shipping lines and freight to different destinations,
    and various charges payable by exporters.
  15. Obtaining marine insurance policies.
  16. Preparation and processing of shipping documents, Bills of Lading, Dock Receipt,
    Export Declarations, Consular Invoice, Certificate of Origin, etc.
  17. Forwarding of banking collection papers.
  18. Determine efficient and cost-effective methods of moving goods from one location
    to another.
  19. Arrange delivery or storage of goods at destinations.
  20. Complete shipping documentation, such as including bills of lading, packing lists,
    dock receipts, and certificates of origin.
  21. Consolidate loads with a common destination to reduce costs to individual shippers.
  22. Inform management of factors such as shipping options, timelines, transfers, or
    regulations affecting shipments.
  23. Keep records of goods dispatched or received.

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