Vehicle tracking technology has become popular among the fleet business like trucking, delivery and service companies. It happened only after the inception of GPS tracking solutions that helped the small and medium-sized business to flourish. However, there are still a few misconceptions related to the use of GPS trackers for fleet management.

Here we have busted some common myths about the fleet tracking systems so that you make a well-versed decision for your business. Use this as a guide to help you decide whether GPS tracking is good for your business and employees or not. Read below to identify the biggest myths about fleet tracking, debunked.

Small Fleet Doesn’t Require GPS based Fleet Tracking Systems

No matter how many vehicles you have in your fleet, it’s always important to stay aware of the whereabouts and behaviours of your drivers at the job. It gives the insight to improve safety, efficiency and communication. Additionally, implementing a GPS tracker in fleet helps in improving customer relations, especially for the clients who want quick service. Even if you have a few vehicles to manage, GPS tracking can offer benefits over companies that still use conventional methods.

It is difficult to Install and Use a GPS tracker

Integrating a new technological system indeed seem frightening at first. You feel hesitant disrupting the routine business operation. It would require implementing the compulsory process change, time-taking installations and training sessions.

Again, the reality is completely different as most of the tracking devices and software, including KENT CamEye, are designed for ease of use. Installation of the device is so easy like placing an interior accessory in your vehicles and uses a simple app to start tracking. The software application offers a user-friendly interface, making the transformation quick and easy.

GPS tracking offers no benefits to Employees

Perhaps the biggest myth with GPS fleet tracking is that it offers little value to the employees. Yes, some of the business owners think that tracking the fleet has nothing to do with their employees. The fact is, monitoring driving behaviour of employees can help maximize employees’ safety and their productivity.

For example, a fleet tracking system saves time and effort as employees don’t need to fill out timesheets and daily work report. GPS tracker in the vehicle collects all the essential data to monitor the performance. Similarly, it offers various alerts to make you aware of any such situation which can lead to fatal incidents. This way, you can prevent sudden security failures during deliveries and increases safety for drivers.

Why Track Dots on a Map

GPS tracking system is often seen as a tool that only tells about the location of a vehicle on the map.  In reality, tracking software does more than tracing real-time locations. It helps in identifying fuel-wasting behaviours of drivers, better route planning and reports to improve business efficiency. Fleet tracking system offers alerts on the real-time status of the fleet’s vehicle. It lets you prevent pilferage and ensure that the drivers follow the best driving practices. There are many GPS tracking systems can be customized and tailored as per your company’s specific needs.

Improve Operational Efficiency with KENT CamEye

Implementing a fleet tracking system is fast and easy with KENT CamEye. It’s a GPS tracker with dash cam that offers a complete solution for fleet management. The device offers numerous features powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), making vehicle tracking quite convenient. It’s a plug and play device and doesn’t require any internal wiring to work. So, the business operation goes on uninterrupted.

KENT CamEye allows real-time location tracking of the vehicle with greater accuracy. You can trace the vehicle’s movement to ensure it is travelling in the right direction and delivery will be done within the expected time. If live tracking is not possible, then geo-fence the location to have peace of mind. Whenever the vehicle will cross the virtual fence, an alert will be triggered to your mobile phone, making you aware of the breach. The best part is that you can even playback the route travelled by a vehicle in the past. KENT CamEye also offers alert for over-speeding, engine idling, AC-On in parking, in-cabin sound level and more. These alerts help in keeping a check on fuel-wasting activities and safety issues.

Overall, KENT CamEye provides an array of benefits to fleet business for smooth operation and efficiency.