• Company Name:SO Original Art and Beauty
  • Employment Type:Full Time
  • Monthly Salary:Unspecified
  • Job Role:Driver
  • Benefits:Commissions, Bonus, Free Ticket and Health Insurance
  • Minimum Work Experience:2-5 Years
  • Minimum Education Level:High-School / Secondary
  • Listed By:Employer
  • Company Size:11-50 Employees
  • Career Level:Senior


For the driver position at SO ORIGINAL, you are primarily responsible to own and operate vehicle and transport goods and/or passengers for the company.
For this position, you must have a safe driving record, follow all UAE driving laws, rules, and regulations. In this position, you will follow prearranged routes to destinations or use maps and GPS to navigate routes. You will also maintain vehicle upkeep and cleanliness.

Vehicle and driving:
1. To have own a passenger car – not less than 4 seats in good condition
2. Responsible for Driver’s license, Vehicle registration, fines and any other government formalities
3. Responsible Salik and parking expenses of the car
4. To have a comprehensive Vehicle insurance policy including passengers
5. Ability to use GPS and have accessible mobile phone connection and data connection all the time
6. Practice safe driving and Ensuring the safety of passengers all time
7. Ensuring that the vehicle remains clean and well maintained, safe for the passengers
8. Maintain Driver’s Logbook and submitting to the management on Daily basis
9. Fetching and transporting staff as per instructions of the management
10. Welcoming and transporting clients and Guest of the company if necessary
11. Loading and unloading company materials and possessions, as required.
12. Complying with road regulations at all times and proper knowledge of routes in UAE
13. Traveling via the most efficient routes, unless otherwise directed

Working Hours and conditions:
1. Working hours are between 10 to 12 hours – within these hours. However between the tasks, there will be free time and these hours to be considered as breaks.
2. During certain days, if the driver is occupied fulltime due to operational requirements, the breaks can be compensate (offset) on a non-busy day
3. Occasionally the salons might have scheduled and emergency maintenance task during the night time – Usually between 10 PM till 9 AM, and the driver might require to be present at the Site as a caretaker and representative of the Management; these extra hours to be OFFSET on a non-busy day, as an extra hours or day off UPON MUTUAL AGREEMENT of the Driver and Management

Important General requirements:
1. Well groomed neatly presented and professional at all time
2. Good attitude and behavior, cooperation with management and carrying out all instructions
3. Be punctual and reliable, Manage time wisely
4. Ensuring that conversations, company related matters remain confidential
5. Following company policies and procedures

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