Can you explain goodwill in accounting good? will is an intangible asset associated with a business combination?

Goodwill is recorded when a company acquires per another company and the purchase price is greater than the combination or net of the fair value of the identifiable.

tangible and intangible assets acquired and the liabilities that were assumed goodwill is an intangible asset and so

is listed within the long-term assets section of the acquirer’s balance sheet

can you explain the cash flow statement CFS or statement of cash flows is a mandatory part of a company’s financial reports since 1987 records the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving a company the CFS

allows investors to understand how the company’s operations are running where its money is coming from and how it is being spent here you will learn how the CFS is structured and how to use it as part of your analysis of a company & Venture Capital.


how do you calculate the walk-walk the weighted average cost of capital is calculated by taking the percentage of

debt to total capital multiplied by the debt interest rate multiplied by 1 minus the effective tax rate plus the

percentage of the equity to capital x the required return on equity can you

explain the cost of accounting cost accounting is of utmost importance for the top management of any business cost

accounting is basically the next step to costing cost accounting involves analyzing relevant costing data

interpret it and present various management problems to manage the scope of cost accounting involves the preparation of various budgets for an organization determining standard costs based on technical estimates finding and comparing with actual costs ascertaining the reasons of buy variance analysis etc

Can you explain cost accountancy? it is basically, a profession where you work for corporate houses to help them work efficiently in terms of financial matters a cost and management accountant would collect data and financial facts of the organization and would analyze them to help reduce the cost to the company a cost reduction and maintain efficiency in operations going on is the main work and the area of expertise for

any cost in the management accountant source wiki and accounting coach and finance-related