Company Overview:

Empress Armani is the second brand in the Armani family, which includes ready-to-wear and runway collections. Empress Armani focuses on trends and innovative features. Plus, Emporio Armani with Giorgio Armani are the only two dresses designed primarily by Giorgio Armani himself, and he keeps his light on Milan Fashion Week every year while Armani Calizoni, Armani Jeans, and Armani don’t have exchanges. ۔ Empress Armani is generally only freely sold at Empress Armani Boutiques and its official website.


  • Age: 6-12 months
  • Usage: Used only a few times
  • Condition: Almost no noticeable problems or flaws
  • Neighbourhood: The Palm Jumeirah


  • Leather jacket
  • 50 Italian
  • Dark brown
  • Harrods London
  • Soft leather blazer
  • Brand Armani

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